Investing with Impact

Creating value through our specialized financing solutions and targeted advisory support

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AGF’s long-term focused investment strategy delivers sustained financial returns to our clients and partners.

Who We Are

AGF is an impact investor providing capital and advisory support to businesses in Afghanistan


Market Leader

AGF is the largest non-banking financial institution in Afghanistan, providing long term growth capital and advisory services to companies that combine a commercial imperative and strong socio-economic impact.


Disciplined Investor

AGF’s disciplined investment process aims to identify sectors and companies that drive value and generate stable returns over the long term.


Experienced Team

The AGF team is diverse and experienced, with broad and extensive knowledge and understanding of local market dynamics.

The AGF Story

To learn more about our approach, investments, impact and performance, please watch the video.


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Our commitment


At AGF, our mission is to do more with our investments than simply generate a financial return. Our goal is to deliver long-term positive socio-economic impact.


Our Approach

AGF’s investment philosophy combines rigorous due diligence, robust analytics, and an in-depth understanding of local operating dynamics.



AGF identifies and invests in professionally managed companies working in key growth sectors.



AGF works closely with our portfolio clients to improve return on investment and strengthen governance, financial management, and transparency.



AGF places strong emphasis on building relationship and networks for our clients. Connecting our clients with the network of entrepreneurs provides valuable growth opportunities.

OUR Differentiators


An experienced team with broad understanding of local dynamics


An emphasis on systems, transparency, and risk management


A focus on investee company cash flow and debt servicing capability


The intersection of financial returns, commercial viability, and social impact

Our Impact

AGF brings together social impact and financial results by making a real and measurable difference in our investee companies and the lives of their employees and customers.


Increase in portfolio company revenues


Jobs created and supported


Increase in portfolio company assets


AGF’s investments facilitate domestic production capacity and improve the products and services available in the local market


AGF’s collaborative approach fosters newfound trust between Afghanistan’s private sector and the financial services industry


AGF’s direct investment in the local economy promotes sustainable development and long-term security

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